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Corporate & Commercial.


From inception to scale up to mature organisations, we work with business owners and investors to deliver innovative commercial solutions.

Working across a number of Industries, we use time-tested legal tools to forge new pathways – supporting ambitious thinkers through every stage of their business journey.

Our corporate and commercial team advise across the following areas:

  • Business sale and purchase: Early-stage negotiations, due diligence and final transactions.
  • Business structuring: Advising on commercially advantageous and tax-efficient structures.
  • Capital raising: Evaluating opportunities, vesting, fund management and final transactions.
  • Commercial contracts: Maximising value and minimising risk for both customers and suppliers.
  • Corporations law: Corporate governance, founder, shareholder and joint venture agreements.
  • Data security and privacy: Ensuring regulatory compliance and securing against risk.
  • Intellectual property: Commercialising and protecting intellectual capital as a business asset.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Exit and expansion strategies for growing businesses and founders.
  • Notary services: Corporate document authentication.
  • Unfair Contract Terms: Review any standard form contracts, remove any unfair term and training of staff.

Notary Services.

Corporate document authentication ensuring legal compliance and smooth transactions.

Notary Services


Unfair Contract Terms

Key Contacts

Sotheary Bryant

Principal Lawyer - Head of Corporate & Commercial

Tara Adams

Senior Consultant - Corporate & Commercial

Alister Bayston

Principal Lawyer - Corporate & Commercial

Leisa Bayston

Principal Lawyer - Corporate & Commercial

Holly Grujovski

Senior Associate - Corporate & Commercial

Natalie Ledlin

Principal Lawyer - Corporate & Commercial

Terry Ledlin

Special Counsel - Corporate & Commercial

Peter van Rompaey

Senior Consultant - Corporate & Commercial