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FCW Lawyers act for meat processing and labour hire businesses across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

We understand the domestic and international meat markets, the agricultural and supply chain drivers, and assist the meat processors efficiently and successfully manage their complex industry environment.

  • Mergers and acquisition work, including competition law and FIRB processes
  • Commercial terms and conditions
  • Preparing supply agreements
  • Stand down strategy and disputes
  • Managing and investigating employee misconduct and disputes in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court
  • Overseas and local specialist services contracts
  • Succession issues and strategic planning of family and commercial structures for the future
  • Managing injured employees though workers’ compensation premium management, claim rejection or termination and other fitness for work processes.
  • Managing OHS and Workers’ Compensation prosecution and disputed compliance notice
  • Commercial leasing and disputes

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The team is a highly skilled group of consultants to assist in executing complex legal issues.

Paul Evans

Managing Director, Toro Digital


Managing Principal - Victoria

Principal Lawyer - Head of Corporate & Commercial

Senior Associate - Workplace Relations

Industry Insights

On a global scale, Australia is well ahead of most red meat producers in managing COVID-19 including Europe and the United States, due to the constructive ways in which it has handled the repercussions of COVID-19.

This has increased Australia’s reputation as a reliable and secure source of red meat leading to a long-term competitive advantage.

Meat processing workers are considered a high priority group to receive the COVID-19 vaccine which will not act as a ‘silver bullet’ rather the strongest step in securing and protecting the adverse effects of another outbreak.

Despite ongoing trade tensions, Australia will not suffer significant losses in the long term as it is not overly exposed to trade in China. Some meat processors do have higher exposure and will need to focus on expanding their trade overseas.

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