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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the technology business sectors, commercially focused legal services play a pivotal role in ensuring profitable and effective business operations and development, structured protection, and relevant compliance.

There are a wide range of key legal areas and issues that commercial operations must be aware of and address when dealing with technology, as a developer, manufacturer, distributor/reseller, peripheral supplier, and/or end-user. This includes creative and acquired ownership and related rights, licensing agreements and arrangements, data ownership, protection, and management.

The delivery and supply models of technology, whether software, middleware, or hardware, have changed, and almost all technology is now made available through licensing models.

FCW can help all businesses not just understand the new supply structures (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and more), but also see how they relate to their business goals and related relationships (e.g. risk, insurance, disaster recovery plans, internal systems, and awareness programs).

Contractual relationships in technology supply have become more complicated and have restructured where risk falls, particularly in multiyear licensing arrangements. FCW can help clients understand the legal and business changes and ensure best outcomes from contracts and technical suppliers.

Licensing Agreements

Licensing and service arrangements and relationships are the backbone of technology in business. FCW Lawyers understand both the commercial and legal elements and nuances of licensing and service agreements and focuses on ensuring delivery of the commercial goals and ensuring protection of relevant interests.

Data Protection and Management

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in global commerce, making data ownership, protection, and management a critical concern to both understand and address.

We can help companies understand and manage data issues relevant to their businesses, as well as navigate data privacy laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, and internationally with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and other relevant standards.

FCW can assist and guide clients in this important area, from understanding what the term “data” encompasses, and the extent to which law and commerce understand that term and concept, through to comprehending risks related to data that is part of or important to their business.

We can guide you through the elements of key contracts and relationships, and help you establish robust data management policies, consent mechanisms, and breach response plans, safeguarding sensitive information while enabling responsible data utilisation and value retention.

Technology Supply Models

New licensing models, coupled with cloud technology, have revolutionized how digital tools are delivered and used.

Our highly experienced business technology team understands what changes have taken place in the broader technology supply industry and all the contractual and business elements that need to be dealt with.

We also understand the visions forward and how to anticipate what will likely need to be provisioned for in the future. Key issues like access, uptime, service levels, liability, data ownership and more need to be understood and managed. FCW is not only able to do this; but will ensure our guidance supports your business goals and outcomes.

Multiyear Licensing

Multiyear licensing agreements are the delivery model of choice for technology manufacturers/vendors given the significant financial and revenue advantages they provide.

When coupled with cloud delivery and access, this pervasive model presents a range of different and significant challenges to the supply chain, all the way from manufacturer to end-user.

Our experience and expertise with the variety of relationships and dealings in the multi-year licensing supply chain ensure that wherever you and your business sit within that chain, we can provide you with concise guidance and advice that ensures delivery of your technical and business outcomes.


In an era of heightened awareness about the value of data, privacy regulation has become of major consideration for most commercial organisations. Understanding and complying with the relevant laws, have significant implications for reputation and liability.

FCW Lawyers guide organisations in understanding the privacy and data breach legal regime, risk management and internal procedures, crafting privacy policies, consent mechanisms, and terms of service that align with federal and international requirements.

This includes advising on risk mitigation, incident response, and compliance audits to protect both customer data and company reputation.

Our business technology guidance and services focus on safeguarding the interests of clients and facilitating their growth and innovation in this dynamic sector.


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