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FCW Lawyers represents agribusinesses, farmers, and rural clients.

We understand that for our clients, farming is more than primary production – it’s a business like any other that requires a critical eye on commercial, tax, property, employment, and estate planning aspects.

We specialise in:

  • Farm debt mediation
  • Farm debt restructuring and negotiation
  • Intergenerational transfers including structuring, succession and estate planning
  • Intergenerational disputes
  • Property and water transfers
  • Leases, including wind farms, telecommunication leases and carbon sequestration
  • Employment and workforce matters such as employment contracts and conditions, OHS, and employee and contractor disputes
  • Privacy law issues

We have a regular discussion on issues impacting farm and agriculture in Australia through our video series, The Plough.

To watch the latest episode, click here.

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The team is a highly skilled group of consultants to assist in executing complex legal issues.

Paul Evans

Managing Director, Toro Digital


Managing Principal - Victoria

Senior Associate - Workplace Relations

Principal Lawyer - Dispute Resolution and Insolvency

Principal Lawyer - Head of Workplace Relations

Principal Lawyer - Head of Dispute Resolution and Insolvency

Senior Associate - Dispute Resolution and Insolvency

Our Expertise

Our expertise

With increasing economic, social and climatic pressures and influences, Australia’s farming and agricultural industry – currently valued at A$71 billion – is undergoing significant changes with innovative technologies, scientific and biological advancements, and emission targets at the helm.

For farmers, they simply want to do what they love and leave a legacy for the next generation. But this can only be achieved with a robust business foundation geared for tax effectiveness, risk mitigation and ultimately a prosperous succession.

With an established practice of helping clients from rural communities, we understand the nuances of farming businesses – and how to help them thrive by cutting to the essence of their operations, objectives (business and personal) and external influences.

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