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FCW Lawyers act for food manufacturers including meat, fresh produce and confectionery.

We work alongside our food clients to manage complex export issues, settle commercial arrangements and supply agreements, and strategically manage their commercial, property, leasing, and employment issues in a way that creates value for them.

  • Mergers and acquisition work, including competition law and FIRB processes
  • Succession issues and strategic planning of family and commercial structures for the future
  • Wholesale businesses – terms and conditions of trade, supply and distribution agreements
  • Drafting transactional contracts and policies specifically for online businesses including, terms and conditions, privacy policies and disclaimers
  • Stand down strategy and disputes
  • Managing and investigating employee misconduct and disputes in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court
  • Overseas and local specialist services contracts
  • Managing injured employees though workers’ compensation premium management, claim rejection or termination and other fitness for work processes.
  • Managing OHS and Workers’ Compensation prosecution and disputed compliance notice
  • Commercial and retail property leasing advice and disputes

Managing Principal - Victoria

Principal Lawyer - Head of Corporate & Commercial

Industry Insights

Australia’s food industry has struggled since the outbreak of COVID-19, with broken logistics routes, heightened air-freight costs, tricky international relations, and high energy prices creating further cost risks at the point of sale.

Australia produces 75% of its agricultural produce for export. The pandemic has left our export market in a precarious place. We also rely
heavily on overseas supply chains for food processing ingredients, which have become broken or interrupted during the current crisis.

The issues around sourcing of key ingredients have led some food producers to establish micro-supply chains, enabling them to switch from imported goods to local inputs. There is a significant need to diversify into an online domestic market to secure cash flow and sustainability.

As with general manufacturing our clients need to engage with the government to ensure they receive the support promised in the 2020 budget. Research and development is incentivised by taxation law and supported with funding, allowing our clients to pivot for new business opportunities that arise in times of continuing uncertainty. It means their people structure, capital reserves and income streams will be different and they must develop a coherent strategy to adapt

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FCW Lawyers has helped food manufacturers and suppliers establish an online presence for businesses to sell direct to the end consumer, including preparing all transactional documents to support online transactions and mitigate risks related to the Australian Consumer Law and cybersecurity.

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