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Notary Services.

Our Notary services are tailored for corporate needs offering a wide range of solutions to streamline document authentication, ensuring legal compliance and smooth transactions.

With expertise in a variety of corporate documentation needs, including deeds, agreements, and certifications, our Notary can verify and certify these critical papers, to maintain legality and transparency in corporate transactions.

We work with accountants, law firms, banks, not for profit institutions, pharmaceuticals and businesses of all sizes; to provide prompt and efficient service at our CBD office or your location.

Our Services Include:

  • Document Notarisation: We specialise in notarising a wide range of documents, including affidavits, Powers of Attorney, contracts, real estate transactions, and more.
  • Verifying the corporate status of an entity including ASIC searches, company extracts, certificate of registration and certificate of company constitution.
  • International Notarisation: Client documentation notarised for use overseas. Our Services include arranging DFAT Apostilles/Authentication for your documents.
  • Certified Copies: We can provide certified copies of original documents, often required for various legal and official purposes.

    The types of documents include proof of identity documents: passports, driver’s licence, utility bills, and certifying (notarising) university documents including executive University testamurs (degree certificates), letters of enrolment, awards and transcripts.

Key Contacts

Mark Harrick

Senior Consultant - Dispute Resolution and Insolvency

Terry Ledlin

Special Counsel - Corporate & Commercial