FCW Lawyers


Why work for FCW?

Develop both professionally and personally.

Our people development strategy involves three planks of development:

  1. Professional development: Receive the assistance of an independent, skilled mentor who will help you realise your capacity in a manner that is aligned to our philosophy, values and business expectations.
  2. Health development: Access expert trainers and health professionals who will help you build your physical resilience and health.
  3. Skill development: Develop technical skills within your area of focus with a planned curriculum and two-weekly meetings to ensure we are meeting your technical development needs.

Be rewarded:We pay at the same level as upper second-tier firms and don’t employ traditional law firm metrics.

Obtain the work life to suit you:We are a fully flexible and IT-enabled business that has generous parental leave for both partners.

Be valued:We value our people first, are generous and direct in our feedback and support, and celebrate their development in life, the business and their future.

For enquiries about recruitment and careers at FCW Lawyers email Karen