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Senior Consultant - Corporate & Commercial
Tara Adams

Tara Adams acts as a Senior Consultant to FCW’s Start Up, Scale Up team in Melbourne.

A heavyweight commercial and intellectual property lawyer with over 20 years of local and international experience, Tara lends an unparalleled depth of expertise to the team. A sought-after advisor whose portfolio includes multi-million dollar success stories, she offers pragmatic front-end solutions for small to mid-sized early stage enterprises – always with a firm grasp on the bigger picture.

For scaling start-ups contending with complex market, regulatory and stakeholder dynamics, Tara’s motto is to keep things simple. From smart strategic corporate governance and intellectual property safeguarding to crafting share option plans to align founder and employee goals, her holistic approach gives clients the tools they need to progress through the business lifecycle as seamlessly as possible.

Because Tara has worked with countless founders and investment funds over the years, there are few pitfalls that she has not come up against. This gives her a shrewd insight into exactly when to lean into a healthy appetite for risk – and when it is appropriate to tread more carefully. Whether it’s getting complex IP registrations in line for overseas expansion, or steering clear of advertising landmines, Tara’s focus on averting problems before they arise often leads her clients to long-term rewards.