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Principal Lawyer - Corporate & Commercial
Natalie Ledlin

A Principal Lawyer of the Corporate & Commercial teams, Natalie is an accomplished leader and commercial lawyer. Possessing a unique blend of legal expertise and psychological insight from a double degree in Law and Psychology, it’s her combination of legal knowledge, business acumen and deep understanding of human behaviour that guides her clients in a range of commercial law matters.

Commercial law expertise

Cutting her teeth in smaller commercial law firms after her admission to practice in 2009 (with a particular focus on clients in the trade credit industry) Natalie has a long history in credit management, debt recovery, insolvency, commercial disputes and practical commercial advice.

In 2014, Natalie co-founded Ledlin Lawyers, a commercial law firm in Sydney’s CBD, delivering valuable commercial advice and representing business clients in litigation, commercial contracts, insolvency and the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

As the sole director of Ledlin Lawyers, Natalie used her business insights and innate leadership (more on those later) to inspire people and grow the business before it was acquired by FCW Lawyers in 2023.

Business insights

Natalie’s experience running her own business allows her to anticipate and address commercial risks for her clients. She can empathise with their challenges, identify their opportunities, and offer practical advice based on her firsthand knowledge. Natalie has a keen interest in providing pragmatic legal advice and drafting plain-English contracts that are easily understandable and fair to help clients enhance and preserve their business relationships.

Leading people

Natalie’s natural empathy and background in psychology provides her with unique insights into human behaviour. Natalie leverages her emotional intelligence to understand clients and opponents alike and develop high performing teams to achieve her client’s desired outcomes. Adept at putting herself in someone else’s shoes, Natalie can quickly identify and understand the non-legal barriers to success that others often miss. She can then implement effective legal strategies and facilitate resolutions that are both beneficial and commercially sound for her clients.

Knowledge sharing

Natalie’s leadership skills, mentoring abilities, and talent for creating positive firm culture flourished as the solicitor director of Ledlin Lawyers and she now brings this experience to FCW Lawyers. Her commitment to knowledge sharing extends beyond legal practice, where Natalie is a sought-after contributor and presenter, delivering valuable blog articles, seminars, webinars, podcast episodes and training sessions for clients (both internally and externally). Regularly contributing to platforms such as CreditorWatch and the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association, Natalie’s industry expertise is widely recognised.

  • Personal Property and Securities Act (PPSA) – including drafting and advising on PPSA clauses in contracts, reviewing and advising PPSA registrations and advising on PPSA issues in insolvency
  • Privacy – including drafting of privacy policies and procedures, drafting data breach response plans, advising on data breaches.
  • Contracts – including drafting and advising on terms and conditions, credit applications, personal guarantees, general security agreements, supply agreements, shareholder agreements etc and advising on unfair contracts.
  • Commercial dispute resolution and litigation
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency – including bankruptcy, voluntary administrations and winding up of companies, acting on the side of both the creditor and the insolvency practitioner.
  • BA (Psych) / LLB (2008)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (2009)
  • Legal Project Management Certification Workshop with LawVision through the Centre for Legal Innovation (2018)
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification course for Legal Professionals with the MHFA Australia Team through the College of Law (2020)

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