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Legal leadership.




Chief Executive Officer

Robert is an experienced executive specialising in growth strategy, marketing, and finance for the professional services sector.

Working closely with business leaders, partners and principals, he undertakes a situation analysis of the organisation, prioritises the key strategies, and mobilises the necessary change management plans to achieve growth and success.

  • As COO of a national law firm he assisted in its exponential growth in revenue from $3 million to $120 million.
  • Rob has a number of clients in the beverage manufacturing Industry. One manufacturer still credits their early business planning sessions as a major contributor to his brand’s long-term success and always asks Rob to cast his eye over potential acquisitions.
  • Rob recently facilitated the development of a Family Business Constitution for a large family business who’s patriarch had passed away.
  • Rob also performs the role of virtual CEO for a number of professional services firms, including FCW Lawyers.
  • Robert co-hosts the legal industry podcast, ‘Professionally Challenged’.
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Monash University
  • Master of Marketing, Monash University
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Leading Professional Services program, Graduate Harvard Business School

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