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JobKeeper Payment | We answer your most FAQs


JobKeeper Payment | We answer your most FAQs

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to expand and evolve, the impact on the Australian economy is significant. The uncertainty of COVID-19 has impacted consumer confidence, people’s ability to work and cash flow for businesses.

On 8 April 2020 the Government passed the legislation for the $130 billion JobKeeper program to provide support to employers and employees which will in turn assist in the recovery of the Australian economy once the country overcomes the pandemic.

The Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus (Measures No.2) Act 2020 amends the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA) to provide clarity on the rights of employers and employees in relation to the JobKeeper Payment.

Our complimentary JobKeeper Payment reference tool sets out the most frequently asked questions and answers. You can access a copy here.