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In-house Training

Psychological hazards – The practical steps you must take to avoid risk

Event Overview

Psychological hazards will be prosecuted. WorkSafe advertised for Psychosocial Inspectors on 15 May 2023. The law has some complexity but knowing how to address it now is critical.

Andrew and his team will walk you through the law so it is easy to understand (including warning you of what you must do now) before providing you with a practical toolkit so that you know how to identify and manage psychological hazards.

We will provide you with examples, templates and guidance notes to help navigate the tricky world of psychological hazards.

Learning Objectives

  1. A clear understanding of the law of psychosocial hazards both under safety law and other legislation (discrimination, bullying, general protections and workers’ compensation) and how they fit together.
  2. Current and future reporting and incident obligations with regulators
  3. Current and future impact of psychological hazards on the business
    • Sudden escalation in claims in last two years with exponential rise over next 10 years
    • True cost to business in premium, replacement costs, retention and recruitment
  4. What are the traps and what are the gaps that will enable prosecution?
  5. What is the business case and reasonable expectations of success?
  6. What does the law mean now for changes in the way you work?
  7. Building the infrastructure to meet your legal obligations:
    • Four easy steps to collect the evidence you need (minimum viable product of evidence collection)
    • How to build a psychosocial risk assessment process that addresses high risks like remote work or changes in working arrangements
    • How to build the right governance system to meet due diligence requirements and defend against prosecutions and protect your officers
  8. What does initial success look like and how to incrementally improve
  9. Practical Toolkit to identify and manage psychological hazards (through the use of realistic case studies)
    • How to identify warning signs and assess for psychological hazards?
    • How to manage difficult conversations to address psychological hazards before it’s too late?
    • How to continue monitoring and manage employees facing psychological hazards?
    • How to bring other employees into the fold and teach them about their obligations

Cost and Duration:

  • $3000 plus GST.
  • Approximately 3 hours.

For more information or to book a session, please complete the form or email Nina Hoang.

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