FCW Lawyers


FCW Lawyers (FCW) is a workplace and commercial law firm that operates throughout Australia. We are a progressive and wellbeing-based firm that invests in transferring skills and capacity to its clients, and is committed to developing its own employees.

FCW works with the consulting business, Found Consulting (FC) to offer clients a seamless delivery of services from legal strategic design to operational execution.

The way we work

FCW is a workplace and commercial solutions law firm. We are a dynamic team of professionals, dedicated to help clients solve workplace problems and improve their businesses.

Our success relies on our ability to deliver value for our clients and to each other. We commit to being consistently professional, prompt and proactive in our work and with our people interactions.

Our team is our most valuable asset. We are generous to each other and listen. We are committed to caring about and developing our people. This is a priority for us. Our safety and wellbeing is not negotiable. We need each member of our team to be open about any hazard in their workplace, and speak to the impact such a hazard has upon them,  so we can eliminate it and ensure there is no risk to their health, safety and wellbeing.

We believe flexible work arrangements underpin healthy living and enhances productive outcomes for our team, firm and clients. At FCW this includes the options to perform work from home, work remotely and work varied hours. We are proud colleagues, and trust each other to work well autonomously, be time effective and be capable communicators.

We actively pursue growth (both as a firm and personally), explore smarter ways to work and embrace change. We recognise that the systems and processes we develop to deliver this change may fail as much of the world we work in is unknowable. We are not fearful of failure but committed to learn from it at the earliest time, changing and improving how and what we do. As a team we commit to the rigor of the systems and processes we develop and to the rapid identification of when it needs change and improvement.

We are a team who connects and cares about our clients. We know their business, goals and capabilities. Our solutions are not just about fixing a problem in time but delivering sustainable and wise solutions for the future.

Why engage FCW?

Receive what you want and need
We invest in knowing and understanding your business’s strategic plan, opportunities and risks, and your people’s capacity, skills and needs so our service always hits the mark.

Keep informed
All matters are subject to project planning, which is accessible to our clients. You will know what we are doing and why – in real time.

Obtain real value
Our values and philosophy demand that our staff to add value to our clients with everything we do. That value is defined upfront and always delivered when you expect it.

Be supported
Our unique work practices and technology allow us to be with you when you need us.

Acquire the tools and skills you need
We believe in empowering you to take control of your legal obligations. We offer clients exclusive access to legal templates, training videos, how-to blogs and podcasts so you can develop the tools and skills you need.

Obtain the right expertise
We have a highly skilled group of consultants in FC to assist in executing complex legal issues. Obtain the expertise of a consultant who is highly experienced in your area of need.

Shape what we deliver you
We ask you for continuous feedback on our performance and fearlessly engage to be better. Be heard, understood and receive results.