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The Government sets COVID Future direction


The Government sets COVID Future direction

18 June 2020

JobKeeper is dead at the end of September 2020. JobSeeker will take over at a higher rate than pre-covid levels but probably not as high as it is now. The reason why makes sense:

  1. People still on JobKeeper at 30 September will most likely not be re-employed by their employer,
  2. JobSeeker is designed to find people jobs and has mutual obligations on the person to seek work, and
  3. There will be a range of other stimulus packages to encourage employment released in the mini-budget coming up shortly which will bolster new jobs.

But Australia’s borders will remain closed until after the new year, putting at risk education, hospitality and tourism along with other forms of foreign investment. That, with the likely upswing of the Australian dollar, makes things tough for the foreseeable future for our export market, particularly food.

Good policy and bad decision

In the recent case of Nedelkovski v Tasmanian Freight, a driver said he was too angry to give a urine sample. He had been directed to a clinic to provide a sample, following driving to a wrong location and some erratic behaviour. He lost his unfair dismissal case as the FWC held the direction was lawful and reasonable and the pretense of not being able to provide the sample was untenable. The real key here is good policy and calm execution of direction.

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