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Kim McLagan

FCW Lawyers General Manager Victoria, Kim McLagan

Principal Lawyer – Workplace Relations 

Kim McLagan is an experienced legal practitioner who has worked with national and local clients managing complex workers’ compensation and premium reduction strategies. She works across a range of industries, including health, education, construction, manufacturing and professional services.

Kim held senior associate positions at prominent law firms before joining FCW in 2018. Her work at FCW includes:

  • managing serious incidents and fatalities, including preventing or mitigating the risk of prosecution
  • managing investigations into safety incidents, workers’ compensation claims and misconduct
  • developing health assessments, care plans and return to work plans
  • managing defences of prosecutions in health and safety, workers’ compensation and environment
  • rejecting and terminating workers’ compensation claims, and implementing premium reduction strategies and complex injury management
  • managing fit for work and inherent job requirements issues, and strategies around management and termination of employment.

Kim’s wide-ranging and high-level experience brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to FCW’s clients.

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