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COVID-19 Daily Brief | 27 March 2020



Since the restrictions on public gatherings were implemented last week the figures published on 26 March 2020 have shown a significant drop in car and public transport movement. Despite the implementation of the measures, the number of infected Australians continues to rise and it is likely that the figures of confirmed cases will surpass 3000 by today.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is meeting with state and territory leaders to discuss stage 3 restrictions. Stage 3 measures will likely see schools closed, non-essential shops closed (not just restricted) and enforcements on isolated high-risk Australians. In addition to the Prime Minister’s measures large retail brands have already made the decision to close down their businesses, with the CEO’s speaking out against the Prime Minister’s decision to keep them open.

Victoria and NSW have been leading the states with stronger measures and will likely enforce additional measure as soon as next week.

Stage 3 measures will likely impact both non-essential and essential businesses and we are urging businesses to speak with us to discuss the various workplace solutions available in these pressing times. Please contact Andrew Douglas on 0488 151 503 to have a discussion or join us at our COVID-19 webinar today and every Friday at 10:30 by clicking here.