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COVID-19 Daily Brief | 20 March 2020


On 19 March 2020 Qantas announced that it will stand down two-thirds of its 30,000 employees for at least 10 weeks as it imposes further cuts to flights after the latest Federal Government advice against travelling overseas. Most staff will be using various types of paid leave during this time, and Qantas will have a number of support options in place. For example, Qantas is talking to its partners including Woolworths about temporary jobs for its employees.

Qantas says senior group management executives and the board have also reduced their salary and fees by 100% until at least the end of this financial year, joining chair Richard Goyder and group chief executive Alan Joyce in taking no pay.

Navigating through the legislation and the entitlements can be complex. If your business would like advice on stand down please contact [email protected] or call 0488 151 503.