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2CRisk: Simplifying health risk management


Many organisations struggle to manage occupational health risks in the workplace. They may put health management in the ‘too hard basket’, or believe the systems and processes are too costly to implement or maintain. But health risk management strategies are an integral part of meeting legal health and safety obligations. And if done right, can also improve productivity, reduce staff turnover and lower insurance premiums. That’s where risk-based software, 2CRisk, comes in.

2CRisk is an online health management software that helps organisations identify and manage the risks present in their workplaces. While designed initially for employers, the system’s adaptability also allows external health providers (including EAP, PEER programs, clinical organisations and physical health) to effectively use the software in carrying out their services.

Founding Director, Mark Cassidy first identified the need for a program like 2CRisk while working in employee health, injury management and workers’ compensation in high-risk environments such as mining and construction.

“Many organisations don’t understand the risks their employees are exposed to or indeed the health risks they inherently bring into the business,” he said.

“They simply can’t see them all. They may be able to easily identify one risk – perhaps one to an employee’s physical safety. But they can miss the other risks present, particularly those risks that are unique to the individual like a predisposition to a certain type of injury or illness.”

This is highlighted in today’s workforce by factors such as an ageing workforce and chronic conditions that have the potential, if not properly identified, tracked and managed, to cause significant interruption in the workplace and introduce cost burdens that hit the bottom line of any business.

“That’s how 2CRisk was born,” Mark said.

“It’s to help to see risk.”

Identifying risks

2CRisk enables organisations to identifyhealth risks for an individual through pre-employment screening, health and wellbeing management (both physical and psychological), injury and critical incident management as well as pharmacy management in a clinical setting.

As well as being tailor made for organisations, the software accommodates health providers (both physical and psychological) that are engaged to manage health on an organisation’s behalf. The health providers have the ability to deliver secure, online services to individuals, send out psychological questionnaires and surveys, and run interventions aimed at reducing health risks. They can also provide a direct software link with their clients. All 2CRisk apps have built-in, intelligent reporting that allows provider reporting requirements for clients to be easily accommodated.

Users simply log the information and 2CRisk will present it in simple graphical profiles to help identify trends over time.

“It’s not just a snapshot of right now,” said Mark.

“The longevity of the data identifying long-term trends means you can adjust how you manage health risks as things in your workplace change. The basic philosophy is that you cannot manage what you cannot see!”

Using your data

Once you have identified the health risks in your organisation with 2CRisk, you will be able to target the areas in your organisation that need controls – such as periodic assessments, regular reviews, assessments, questionnaires and surveys – put in place (or amended) to eliminate or at least reduce the risks to your employees. This ensures you are investing your efforts, and your dollar, in the areas that really need it.

“Organisations can therefore ensure they are maximising their dollar,” Mark said.

Working with employees

One of the ways a health management system can fall down is in employee engagement. Organisations can find it difficult to gain employee cooperation, or even understanding. This is not very surprising if all you are asking of employees is to read and sign a health and safety policy or procedure.

“Health management shouldn’t be done to people. It needs to be done with people,” Mark said.

“This is a fundamental part of 2CRisk. It engages with employees, including through using apps, to ensure they are on board and part of the solutions to create an engaged and healthy workplace.”

Getting the right fit for you

2CRisk is a unique software that is customisable – not one size fits all. Each workplace will have different health risks that they are trying to manage, so the software can be tailored to specific workplaces and the unique risks they face.

The software offers a variety of capabilities in the form of different applications. You can select the apps that target your own organisational challenges and only pay for what you need.

Obtaining convenience and security

The 2CRisk software helps organisations keep all their risk data in one place, rather than using separate systems or spreadsheets to log different risk or injury data.

It’s completely online, so you can log in anywhere, anytime. It is also secure, meeting all relevant privacy standards.

About Founding Director Mark Cassidy

Mark Cassidy is an experienced risk manager and occupational health and wellbeing professional, specialising in pre-employment risk, innovative injury management and human risk management.

Mark founded 2CRisk in 2010. He is Managing Director and provides subject matter expertise. 2CRisk is now regarded one of Australia’s leading health software companies.

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